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This is a MANAGED SOLUTION offered thru our consulting services.  See below for details.
     Cylance’s award-winning product, CylancePROTECT®, provides enterprise endpoint security, preventing advanced persistent threats and malware from executing. Our product has redefined enterprise endpoint security. It stops what others don’t, without requiring a cloud connection or frequent updates, all while using a fraction of the system resources associated with antivirus and endpoint security software.

     CylancePROTECT is a radically different technological approach to cybersecurity that employs artificial intelligence to analyze the DNA of files before they execute. Cylance integrates a deep understanding of hackers and attack vectors with the most sophisticated artificial intelligence and algorithmic science, to neutralize virtually all malicious files before they can execute.

     Traditional antivirus and endpoint security solutions routinely fail to detect even 50% of these threats, require constant network connectivity to provide protection and access frequent signature updates, consume vast system resources, and are increasingly complex to deploy and manage. CylancePROTECT addresses all these problems in a single solution that delivers measurably better enterprise endpoint security at an attractive, and often times lower, total cost of ownership.

     Complementing our product are professional services that provide pre-attack penetration and vulnerability testing, compromise assessments and post-attack incident response. Cylance specializes in securing critical infrastructure and key resources for education, energy, financial services, government, healthcare, heavy industry, oil and gas, retail, technology, and other industries.

     Cylance is revolutionizing cybersecurity with products and services that proactively prevent execution of advanced persistent threats and malware, enabling a level of security that far exceeds the effectiveness of current industry solutions deployed throughout enterprises, government and institutions worldwide.

     Standing apart from a cybersecurity industry reliant upon outdated detection and response models, Cylance secures through prediction and pre-response at the enterprise endpoint, preventing malware and advanced persistent threat breaches before they cause harm.
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Cylance PROTECT (Managed Solution)
(Single 1 Computer License)
$59.99 per Year
Cylance PROTECT + OPTICS (Managed Solution)
(Single 1 Computer License)
$99.99 per Year
For multiple computers or an entire site/enterprise please schedule an appointment HERE.